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Textile industry is a traditional industry with rapid changes. The rising labor costs, industrial transfer, internet technology, TPP as well as RCEP have all made a great influence on the Asian Textile and Apparel Industry. For all the textile enterprises, it’s really important to know the latest sourcing trend and developmental situation in some main Asian countries. This conference tries to share and discuss a variety of hot topics to help the insiders to avoid the risks and find opportunities. Meanwhile, it’s also a platform for exchanges, communication and mutual assistance.

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Established in Shanghai at the beginning of 2010, China, ECV International is a professional company to plan and organize international conferences. We committed to providing professional business and management consulting services to the local and multinational companies. Through cooperating with some government departments, industry associations, we successfully held some high-level international events with profound effects, and we have established very good cooperation with a lot of multinational enterprises, which promote industrial development and international communication.


Interpretation of China’s Import and Export of Textile and Apparel Industry in 2015
Interpretation of the 13th Five-year Plan Concerning Textile Industry
Development Opportunities for Textile Industry on One Belt and One Road
The Latest Progress of RCEP and Its Impact on Asian Textile Industry
Opportunities for Textile Enterprises Brought by China–South Korea Free Trade Agreement
Latest Sourcing Trend of Indian Textile Industry
Overall Situation and Developmental Trend of Pakistani Textile Industry
Latest Sourcing Trend of Bengali Textile Industry
Panel Discussion: 2016 Asian Textile Industry Prospects
Under the New Background, How can Textile Enterprises Go Out and How to Improve the Competitiveness through Global Strategies
Panel Discussion: Development Opportunities and Challenges Faced by Textile Industries under the New Situation
Interpretation of Latest Sourcing Trend of Global Textile Industry
Latest Sourcing Practices of Asian Textile & Apparel Industry
How to Reconstruct Supply Chain of Textile & Apparel Industry Under the New Situation
Textile Enterprises’ Layout of Supply Chain to Cope with Constant Changes in Asian Textile Industry
How to Reduce the Complexity through the Supply Chain Execution and Planning System



Sourcing/ Purchasing Director

Executive Director/General Manager

Director/ Business Manager

Sales Director/ International Sales Manager

Business Development Director

Strategy Development Director

Director for International Market

Import/Export Manager

Regional Director/Manager

R&D Director

Technology Director



Home Textile

Textile manufacturers

Chemical Fiber Manufacturers

Textile Machinery Manufacturers

Textile Machinery Accessories

Textile Chemicals



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Guest Speakers

China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textile and Apparel

China Textile Planning Research Association

United States Fashion Industry Association

Asian Trade Centre

Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporter Association

Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association

The Textile Association (India)

Vietnam Textile & Apparel Association

Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia

Taiwan Textile Federation

Council of Shanghai CIO alliance

Adidas Group

PDS Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Group Beaumanoir

MQ Retail AB Shanghai office

Takko Holding GmbH xiamen office

Simon Perele Far East

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Past Speaker

work Hui Jiang
China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Textiles
work Jingdong Liu
Department of Outward Investment and Economic Cooperation, MOFCOM
work Weihao Zheng
Vice President/Director of Finance
Texhong Textile Group Limited
work Zhihua Zeng
Senior Economist
World Bank
work Li Pan
Chief Industrial Expert
African Manufacturing Initiative
work Zhijun Chen
Deputy General Manager
China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation
coming soon Rahul Mehta
International Apparel Federation
work Dr. Deborah Elms
Executive Director
Asian Trade Centre
work Julia Hughes
United States Fashion Industry Association (USFIA)
work Jincai Li
China Textile Planning Research Association
Deputy Secretary General of China National Textile And Apparel Council
work Jacob Zhu
Former Senior Director of Trendy Group
Member of Council of Shanghai CIO Alliance
work Eike Michaelis
Director Strategic Sourcing
Adidas Group
work Arvind Sinha
The Textile Association (India)
work Alex Feng
Managing Director
PDS Trading
work Xiaodong Chen
Jiangsu Guotai International Group Guomao Co., Ltd



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