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The Chinese government recently released the “Action Plan” for promoting Big Data development, application usage, and basic strategic resources. These aspects are all essential at the promotion of mass entrepreneurship and mass innovation. The transformation and innovation of the traditional industry has been cultivating an engine of economic development and new strengths, enabling it to compete at an international level. Alibaba chairman Ma Yun also believes that the world will see an exponential increase of smart devices and rapid development of Internet of Things that will transition it from the Information (IT) Age to the Digital (DT) Age. More and more enterprises, including traditional telecommunications, finance, education and medical institutions, are also starting to market with internet and mobile platforms in order maximize business optimization and management through internal Big Data platforms.

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Established in Shanghai at the beginning of 2010, China, ECV International is a professional company to plan and organize international conferences. We committed to providing professional business and management consulting services to the local and multinational companies. Through cooperating with some government departments, industry associations, we successfully held some high-level international events with profound effects, and we have established very good cooperation with a lot of multinational enterprises, which promote industrial development and international communication.


Overall Situation and Developing Trends in Big Data Application
Interpretation of China’s Action Plan for Promoting Big Data Development and Outlook of Big Data Application in China
Big Data + Cloud Computing: Opening a New Era of Cognitive Computing
The Rise of Data Capital – Converting Big Data in Economic Value
Handling Big Data with Precision Marketing
Utilizing Big Data and Intelligence to Optimize Digital Marketing ROI
How Brands are Leveraging Big Data to Enhance their Customer Experience
Consumer Insight and Marketing Strategy in DT Age
Driving Personalized Marketing to Increase Customer Base with Data Analytics on Social Platform
Big Data – Driven Business Model Innovation in the DT Age
Rebuilding the Car Industry with Big Data
Translating Big Data into Key Insights
Data Analytics and Precision Medical Care
Strategic Transformation of the Traditional Industry in Big Data Age
How to Balance Data and Information Security in DT Age
“Sensor” + Big Data: The Creation of Industrial Internet
Supply Management Powered by Big Data
How to Apply the Theory of Data Security in Science to Practice
Data Science and Visualization Analysis Tools of Mobile


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