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    Interpretation of the 13th Five-year, Plan Concerning Environmental Protection

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    Interpretation of Environmental, Policies towards Asian Textile Industry

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    between different parties , to help enterprises , work out feasible


In recent years, the construction of ecological civilization is escalating. Textile enterprises have been seeking for the best solution to green production in order to perfect the strategic planning of green construction of enterprises and create a green supply chain. Prompted by the revised Environmental Protection Law, it becomes very important as to how textile enterprises respond positively to the new rules and carry out corresponding green practices to create a healthy environment for consumers as well as to produce greener textiles. This conference aims to let insiders get to know industry trend more clearly, size opportunities and adjust themselves, through sharing with them policies, standards, situation, production practice, supply chain construction as well as green technology solutions.

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Established in Shanghai at the beginning of 2010, China, ECV International is a professional company to plan and organize international conferences. We committed to providing professional business and management consulting services to the local and multinational companies. Through cooperating with some government departments, industry associations, we successfully held some high-level international events with profound effects, and we have established very good cooperation with a lot of multinational enterprises, which promote industrial development and international communication.


Interpretation of the 13th Five-year Plan Concerning Environmental Protection
Deep Interpretation of Environmental Policies Towards Textile Industry of Asian Countries
Interpretation of Relevant Environment Standards for China’s Textile Industry
Improve the Management System of Non-hazardous Chemicals for Textile & Apparel Industry and Create a Non-hazardous Future Together
Greenpeace Campaign on Chemical Management in Textile & Apparel Industry to create a non-hazardous future
Innovative Sustainable Textiles: Trends in Product Development
Sustainable Material and Closing the Loop
Emission impacts – the blueway to protect the environment
Panel Discussion: Upstream and Downstream Green Textile Supply Chain: How to Achieve Enterprises' Eco-friendly Manufacturing and Sustainability through Innovating Technology and Production
Best Practices of Green Production
Create a More Transparent and Circular Green Supply Chain of Textile &Apparel Industry
Textile enterprises to implement the construction of ecological civilization , to achieve sustainable development
Treatment of Textile Printing and Dying Waste Water by Advanced Membrane Treatment Technology to Create Environmental-friendly Enterprises
Green Textile Supplier Chain Make Us a Better Life – We Help You to Achieve More
Hands-on Experience in Green Dyeing and Finishing Production
Advanced Textile Equipments Boost Green Textile
Certification and Development Trend of Eco-textiles
Green Jobs, Fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility
Recycle and Reuse Waste Textiles to Create a More Competitive and Sustainable Enterprise



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