Info In recent years, as wages boomed in traditional manufacturing hubs like China, more and more production has shifted to frontier markets such as Vietnam and Bangladesh. Bangladesh has become a major beneficiary of a global search for cheaper clothes. The textile industry now makes up more than 80% of its total exports. By 2002 exports of textiles, clothing, and ready-made garments (RMG) accounted for 77% of Bangladesh’s total merchandise exports. By 2013, about 4 million people, mostly women, worked in Bangladesh's $19 billion-a-year industry, export-oriented ready-made garment (RMG) industry. Now Bangladesh is second only to China, the world's second-largest apparel exporter of western brands.
While it employs millions, the industry has come under intense pressure from overworking conditions and wages. It came as a shock in 2012 when Tazreen was fired, and in 2013 when the Rana Plaza factory collapsed in Bangladesh. With it, emerged some urgent issues, such as resonable sourcing and production practices; corporate social responsibility (CSR); sustainability problems including supply chain, environment, resources,etc.
The conference aims at deeply analyzing the Bangladesh textile industry in order to help you better understand its textile market and avoid the risks and find opportunities.It's a great platform for international buyers to learn the latest sourcing strategies and trends in Bangladesh textile industry,and for suppliers it is a way to find the solution to the problems they met in investing factories. Meanwhile, it is also an opportunity for exchanges, communication and mutual assistance.

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  • The Latest Development Situation and Prospects of the Textile Industry in Bangladesh.
  • Deep Interpretation on Government Supportive Polices of Bangladesh Textile Industry.
  • The Current Situation and the Largest Threat to the Bangladesh Economic Outlook and Its Impact on the Textile Industry.
  • Deep Analysis on the Social and Environmental Challenges and Coping Strategy in Bangladesh Textile Industry.
  • The Best Sourcing Strategy Adapt to the Ever-changing Textile Market in Bangladesh.
  • The Best Solution for Textile Sustainability in Bangladesh.
  • Hands on Advice and Practice Examples on How to Start with Environmental Assessment of Production Locations.
  • Effective Sourcing Strategy and Trends Adapted to the Bangladesh Textile Industry.
  • The Experience and Challenges of Building Factories in Bangladesh.
  • Green Textile Production: Innovative Technology Change the Sustainable Production of Textile Industry.
  • Panel Discussion: How to Create a Safer Textile Industry and Achieve the Sustainable Development in Bangladesh?
  • The Focus Areas for Apparel /Textile Sustainability in Bangladesh-From A Buyer’s Prospective.
  • Ethical Sourcing, Buyers’ Practice to the Suppliers’ Corporate Social Responsibility Audit in Bangladesh.
  • How to Enhance and Promote the Competitiveness and Production Efficiency of the Bangladesh Textile Companies?
  • How to Strengthen Engagement and Promote the Sustainability in the Textile Supply Chain?


  • President/VP/CEO/COO
  • Sourcing/Purchasing Director
  • Managing Director/General Manager
  • Director/Manager for Sustainability
  • Director/Manager for CSR
  • Director/ Manager for Business Unite
  • Sales Director/ International Sales Manager
  • Business Development Director
  • Strategy Development Director
  • Director for International Market
  • Import/Export Manager
  • Area Director/Manager
  • R&D Director

Industry Segment

  • Apparel
  • Home Textile
  • Manufacturer of textile
  • Manufacturer of Chemicals
  • Fibers
  • Manufacturer of Textile Machinery
  • Components of Textile Machinery
  • Textile Chemicals
  • Logistics
  • Distributor
  • Law Firm
  • Consulting
  • Certifier
  • ...

Potential Speakers

  • Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers & Exporters Association (BGMEA)
  • Ministry of Commerce
  • Center for Policy Dialogue(CPD)
  • Bangladesh Partnership for Cleaner Textile (PaCT) Programme
  • J.C.Penney
  • Adidas
  • Li & Fung
  • H&M
  • Bangladesh Export and Import Textile Company
  • Hellenic Group
  • Hirdaramani Group
  • AQM Quality Solutions
  • Weave Service

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