Info With the rapid development of the internet technology, communication technology, artificial intelligence and the computer technology, intellectualization has become a trend and direction. Intellectualization has penetrated into all walks of life, from smart phones, smart appliances to the intelligent manufacturing and intelligent logistics. In the context of "Industrial 4.0", "Intelligent Transportation", "Smart City" and "Internet +", automobile intellectualization has become the most important trend of automobile industrial development. In the "Made in China 2025", China has clearly claimed the overall goal of automotive intelligent technology, including changing travel mode, eliminating congestion, improving road utilization, and substantive elimination of traffic fatalities. Similarly, the trend of intellectualization and connection exists in the field of commercial vehicles, aiming to rapidly change the development of logistics and transport industry and to achieve higher efficient fleet management. Intelligent and connected commercial vehicle has become the focus of the automotive industry and even the society. Following the industrial trend, the summit will discuss the latest technology and practice of intelligent commercial vehicles in terms of the status quo, standards and regulations of intelligent commercial vehicles, intelligent commercial vehicle fleet management, self-driving technology of commercial vehicles, assistant driving technology, the latest IOV technology and the spare parts of intelligent commercial vehicles.

The summit is proudly having leaders of the commercial vehicle industry, and will help them to further understand the status and developments of intelligent commercial vehicle technology through the keynote speeches, panel discussions and Q&As. This event will also serve as a wonderful platform, to facilitate the communications and cooperation between the leaders, and to promote the development of intelligent and connected commercial vehicles.

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  • Depth Interpretation of Technology and Standards of Intelligent and Connected Commercial Vehicles
  • Status quo and Development of Intelligent Networking Technology for Commercial Vehicles
  • Efficient and Safe Commercial Vehicle Fleet Management Powered by IoV
  • Smart Logistics and Transport Powered by Intelligent Commercial Vehicles
  • Latest Practice of Automatic Driving Technology for Commercial Vehicles
  • Ensuring Safe Driving by ADAS for Commercial Vehicles
  • Self-driving Commercial Vehicles Powered by The High-precision Navigation System
  • Applications and Innovations of Sensors in Intelligent Commercial Vehicle
  • Panel Discussion: Opportunities and Challenges of Intelligent Commercial Vehicle Management
  • Information Security of Intelligent and Connected Commercial Vehicle
  • The Status and Development of Pure Electric Commercial Vehicles
  • The Development of Design Upgrade of Human-computer Interaction System of Commercial Vehicles
  • Ensure Safe Driving at Night with Intelligent Lights System for Commercial Vehicles
  • Intelligent Vehicle Control System for Commercial Vehicles Realize Energy Saving and Emission Reduction
  • Increase the Attendance of Commercial Vehicles by Intelligent Maintenance System
  • Connected Commercial Vehicle UBI
  • The Latest Intelligent Technologies of Intelligent Trailer
  • Intelligent Chassis Technology to Promote Commercial Vehicle Driving Safety and Efficiency


  • President / Vice President /CEO / COO
  • Board Member/General Manager
  • Director/Business Manager
  • Sales Director / International Sales Manager
  • Business Development Director/Manager
  • International Marketing Director/Manager
  • Regional Director / Manager
  • R & D Director/ Manager
  • Technical Director/Manager
  • Sustainable Development Director/ Manager
  • Quality Director/Manager


  • Government Related auto industrial alliance
  • Vehicle manufacturers
  • Universities and scientific research institutions
  • Car consulting firm
  • Third party vehicle inspection agency
  • Spare parts
  • Fleet management
  • Logistics and transportation
  • IoV services
  • Network security provider
  • Mobile network provider
  • Telecom operators
  • Software provider
  • Hardware provider
  • Algorithm company

Guest Speakers

  • Ministry of Transport
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Dongfeng Motor
  • Volvo
  • Tencent
  • BYD
  • Bosch
  • FAW Motor
  • Continental AG
  • Daimler
  • ZF

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