Info In the past few years, the vehicle-sharing industry has develped fast in China with the wide acceptance of Shared Economy and promotion of Green Traveling at the state level. In June 2017, Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China issued Guidelines for Sound Development of Car Rental (To Be Discussed),clearly encouraging the timeshare rental mode of car-sharing.At the local level, policies related to timeshare rental of automobiles have been brought up in 32 cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin,while users can enjoy subsidies for purchasing and operating new energy vehicles in Shanghai, Hefei and Hunan Province.

Roland Berger claimed in its Analysis and Forecast Report on the Car-sharing Market of China in 2018 that by 2018 the market scale of global shared economy will reach 520 billion dollars, among which China accounts for 230 billion dollars. It's estimated that in the upcoming decade, China will maintain a compound annual growth rate of approximately 45% in its car-sharing market, with which it’s supposed to reach a market scale of 800 billion yuan and become the largest market of car-sharing globally.

This summit will discuss the prospect,relevant policies and regulations as well as timeshare rental modes of car-sharing, charging technologies for new energy vehicles, the innovation in Li-ion batteries, the intelligent parking system and solutions, safety issues in car-sharing, the weakness in user experience and the latest business operation modes, to jointly provide a sustainable development of shared mobility.

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  • Prospect and Future of Car-sharing
  • Data Empowerment, Digital Experience in Stores
  • Interpretation of Relevant Policies and Regulations on Car-sharing
  • Car-sharing 4.0 Era
  • Driverless cars Drive a Senior Car-sharing Mode that Owned by None
  • New Energy Vehicles Plus Car-sharing, Contribute to A New Operation Mode
  • Operation and Management on Timeshare Rentals of New Energy Vehicles
  • Forum Discussion: Opportunities and Challenges in Car-sharing
  • Accelerating the Interconnection of Charging and Improving Sharing Experience of New Energy Vehicles
  • Building an Ecosystem for Car-sharing to Facilitate Intelligent Transportation
  • Car-sharing Safety
  • Car-sharing Bringing a New Generation of Traveling Service
  • A Pain Point of Car-sharing: Improving User Experience
  • Shared Bikes Plus Artificial Intelligence: A Solution to the Last Mile
  • Car-sharing Reforming Traveling
  • Innovation in Li-ion Batteries Boosting Car-sharing
  • Intelligent Transportation and Intelligent Parking System
  • Transportation 3.0: Redefining Global Transportation


  • Presidents/ Vice Presidents/ CEOs/ COOs
  • Presidents/General Managers
  • E-commerce/Sales/Marketing Directors
  • Channel/Brand/Product Managers
  • Directors/Business Combination Managers
  • International Sales/Business Development Directors
  • Strategic Development Directors
  • Import/Export Managers
  • Regional Directors/ Managers
  • Partners


  • Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Auto Parts Manufacturers
  • New Energy Vehicles Operators
  • Financial Insurances for Vehicles
  • Periodic Leases Operators
  • Charging Piles
  • Investment and Financing Institutions
  • Smart Online Project Leaders of Charging Stations
  • Charging Network Operators
  • Charging Facility Constructors
  • Government
  • Telecommunication Service Providers
  • Semiconductor Companies
  • Big Data and Cloud Computing Service Providers
  • Transportation Operators

Guest Speakers

  • Deloitte
  • NXP
  • Car2go
  • Vulog
  • Gobee Bike
  • Bigins
  • Gofun
  • The Boston Consulting Group
  • DiDi Chuxing
  • Free2Move GmbH
  • Splyt
  • Scoot Networks
  • Atzuche

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Part of Speakers


Andrey Berdichevskiy

Director, Global Lead Mobility Solutions


Andreas Sujata

Chief Sales and Business Developer Officer
Free2Move GmbH


Rainer Lutz

Director Segment New Business
PL Secure Car Access, BU Automotive,NXP Semiconductors


Jiafeng (Jeffrey) Gao

The Boston Consulting Group


Wenchao Liu

Safety Affairs Department Head
Didi Chuxing


Chunfeng Wang

Deputy General Manager for New Energy Division


Seb Xu

Founder & CEO


Andrew Tan



James Wang

Founder&Transit Scholar
Director of BRT Expert Group in China &Member of UITP


Raphael Cohen

CEO and Co-founder


Fujun Jiang

Marketing Director


Michael Keating

Founder & CEO
Scoot Networks


Ye Chen



Yu Gao

Founder & CEO


Philipp Mintchin

CEO & Founder


Hui Xiao

General Manger of Mapping Products


Mark Thomas

VP Marketing


Pallav Singh

SVP Shared Mobility



Director of Digital & Mobility Services (China)
Mercedes-Benz Auto Finance Ltd


Gregory Ducongé



Grace Min

North America CEO


Chi Zhang

Senior Security Product Manager
Didi Chuxing


Tingting Yuan

Deputy General Manager


Kaizhu Li



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