Info According to relevant reports, in 2015, China’s online retail market totalled 3.8 trillion yuan, up by 35.7% on Y-o-Y basis, accounting for up to 13.5% in total retail amount. And it is estimated that by 2020, its penetration rate will expand further to 22%, with total value approaching 10 trillion yuan.
As Internet and mobile shopping become more mature and developed, Chinese consumers are becoming increasingly “fastidious”, China’s retail market is also evolving from e-commerce multi-channel toward the transformation of online and offline Cross-channel, and one end to multiple-end digitalized Omni-channel. Meanwhile, with the software-hardware integration of smart device, trends of digitalization emphasis and service oriented merchandise, social networking + e-commerce combination are attracting high level of concern.
With the theme of “Use the big data and internet technology , explore the New Retail of future”, this conference is aims at providing a platform for brands, retailers, e-commerce platforms, consulting companies and servicer in China to ensure them to communicate face-to-face. Discussions towards some of the latest topics, including consumer Insight, channel integration, technology innovation, supply chain, are posed in the creation of a successful developmental path for Chinese new retail industry in the future .

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  • Transformation and Innovation in China’s E-commerce and Retail Strategy
  • Analysis of Chinese Consumer Behaviors and Interpreting Innovative Consumption Habits
  • Driven by Consumption and Technology, Developing the Multiple Channel Sales Pathway in the Future
  • Cross-border E-commerce——Challenges and Opportunities of “Worldwide Purchase”
  • Creating Well-developed Rural E-commerce Eco-circle
  • Transition in Digital Business Model of Fashion Retail C2M
  • In the Age of Internet, Creating “Integrated Product and Sales, Channel Co-creation”
  • Group Discussion: In the Age of Business Internet, How Retailers Can Accomplish Online and Offline Integration
  • Cross-channel Integration in the Tide of Digitalization of Luxury Brands
  • Unique-commerce Solutions in the Age of Digitalized Omni Channel Retail
  • Closely Following Consumer Pulse, Deployment in Retail Business from Wireless to Multiple Ends
  • Omni -Channel Customer Relation Management in the Age of Big Data
  • The Strategy & Tactics for Digitalized Payment and E-commerce Integration
  • Challenges Brought by Cross-channel Integration to Logistics
  • Extensively Developing Supply Chain, Boosting the Improvement of Sales efficiency
  • Socialized Consumer Innovation in China’s E-commerce and Retail Sales Pathway
  • E-commerce+ Live Broadcasting, Innovative Retail Sales Pathway
  • In the Age of Mobile Internet, Innovative Sales Strategy for Digital Service Type Merchandise
  • Smart Retail, Constructing Innovative Retail Scenario
  • How to Create Ultimate Customer Experience by Leveraging the Core Power of Big Date

Participating Representatives

  • President/Vice President/CEO/COO
  • President/General Manager
  • E-commerce/Sales/Marketing Director
  • Head of Channel/Brand/Product
  • Directors
  • Channel/Brand/Product
  • Supervisors
  • Directors/Managers of Business
  • Directors of International Sales
  • Business Development
  • Directors of Strategic
  • Development Department
  • Import/Export Managers
  • Regional Directors/Managers
  • Partners

Industry Division

  • Consulting firms
  • Technology service providers
  • E-commerce
  • Law Firm
  • Drink
  • Clothes
  • Luxury Goods
  • Retailing Goods
  • Family Appliances
  • Consumer Goods
  • Jewelry
  • Food
  • Electronic Goods
  • Pharmaceutical

Past Speakers

  • Alibaba Group
  • METRO Cash & Carry China
  • Feiniu E-Commerce Ltd
  • Bain & Company
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Goelia
  • Nestle
  • Yeepay Group
  • SPAR China
  • Loyalty One
  • 4px Group
  • Gfk
  • RKYLin E-commerce
  • Hangzhou UCO Cosmetics Ltd.

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Past Speaker


Jeroen de Groot

METRO Metro JinJiang Cash & Carry Co.,Ltd.


Guo Lu

VP Digital and Ecommerce Johnson & Johnson CEO


Zhang Xiuming

Senior Manager

Alibaba Group


Weiwen Han


Bain & Company


Anthony Zhuang

CEO/ Haimi.COM


Joanna Yu

E-Commerce Sales Lead



Yoep Man

Managing Director and Board Director
SPAR China


Zhou Ying


RKYLin Group


Michael Kliger



Michael Luo


4PX Group






Jackie Tsui

Director of Cross-border Trading


Yan Jieting

E-commerce General Manager



Caroline Papadatos

Senior Vice President

Loyalty One


Luo Huilin

Senior Logistic E-Commerce Expert (Former Logistic strategy Director of JD O2O)


Jake Shepherd

Head of Retail, APAC,



Louis. Li

Deputy General Manager

JD Worldwide

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