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China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) recently released the White Paper on the Internet of Things, which points out that the IoT worldwide has ushered in a new round of development opportunities that are brought by traditional industry upgrading and mass consumer market. The intelligent upgrading of traditional industries like manufacturing industry offers an important opportunity to promote the breakthroughs and innovations of IoT; the rise of the mass consumer market is also a great driving force to accelerate the popularization of IoT.

In China, the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been upgraded to a national development strategy. As clearly stated in the 13th Five-Year Plan (FYP), the country will actively move forward with the development of cloud computing and IoT, advance the layout of IoT sensing facilities, and propel open-loop applications of IoT. Moreover, during the 13th FYP period, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China will give top priority to IoT’s applications in key areas such as smart city, build a platform for city-level IoT access management and data aggregation, promote a unified access to sensing facilities, and enhance centralized management and data sharing. The demand of IoT market will be fully driven by the vigorous development of IoT application demonstration projects, the further progress made by national strategies including the Made in China 2025 initiative and the Internet Plus action plan, as well as the technologies and markets concerning cloud computing and big data. In the coming three years, China’s IoT will be widely applied to smart grid, smart home, digital city, smart healthcare, automobile sensor and other fields. With the expected gross output of RMB 3 trillion, IoT will grow into an important impetus to revolution of industries.

The 2nd China Internet of Things Summit 2017 objective is to share and discuss cutting-edge research in all industries related to development of internet of things. The conference also aims at giving users and researchers equally a chance to gain better insight into the capabilities and limitations of current internet of things market.

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Internet of Things – Challenge, Opportunity and Road ahead
The Power to Transform: How the Digital Twin Helps Machines Thrive
Standards and Models for IIoT Application Integration
Artificial Intelligence Drives Internet of Things to the New Era
Telecoms Industry and the Internet of Things
Importance of Building a Smart Sensor Eco-System to Boost Growth of IoT
From Connected World to Digital World: Emerging Opportunities and Challenges in IoT Market
The Next Generation of Connected Cars and Mobility
Preparing for the future of IoT Security
Using IoT Cloud Platforms to Launch New Services
Next Generation of Supply Chain: IOT Enhances Intelligent Supply Chain
Bring the Smart Home to Life
The New Frontier of IoT Platforms and Solutions
Future of Smart Cities with the Internet of Things
How the Evolution of IoT Networks will Revolutionize Digital Health
Edge Computing: Accelerating Breakthrough Innovations in Internet of Things
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Industrial Enterprise
The Internet of Smart Grid
The Transformative Power of Industrial Connectivity



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