Info In 2016,Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China and Ministry of Finance combined together to release the notice on the Action Plan for the Reduction of Volatile Organic Compounds in key industries(Ministry of Industry[2016]No.217),which is planned to reduce the reduction of 3.3 million tons of VOCs in China's industrial sector in three years. Besides, since January 1, 2017, the "Passenger Car Air Quality Evaluation Guide" draft guidelines has been for enforcement and the automotive industry chain in which the VOCs control situation is more severe for enterprises, so how to efficiently integrate industrial resources, from the source to control the level of VOCs into the entire automotive industry is really a problem need to solve. At the same time, how to create a green , healthy and clean cabin environment for consumers and reduce the car toxic and harmful gases have become the common goal of the automotive industry.
In order to implement the national emission reduction policy and the "Guide" to promote the exchange and cooperation of all parties in the automobile industry, Shanghai ECV international Co., Ltd. is scheduled for the third China In-vehicle Air Quality Summit , September 25th-26th , held in Shanghai, China. The meeting will gather government leaders and industry experts on one site to talk about national policy trends, car VOCs reduction programs, automotive air conditioning equipment, low VOCs raw materials, advanced seat foam technology etc. and will have in-depth exchanges. The conference aims to promote excellence, advanced, green car VOCs reduction and cabin clean environment solutions as well as the sustainable development of air quality in China.

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  • Updated Chinese or Global Legislation with "Green Indoor Concept" Improvement in Automotive Industry
  • The Overall Situation and Development Trend of Vehicle Interior VOC Control
  • Corresponding Measures to VOC Regulations from Leading OEM
  • Interior VOC Material Properties and Improvement Methods: Future Trends
  • Latest In-vehicle Air Quality Measurements and Methods
  • Low VOC Leather & PU Solutions
  • VOC Control: Automotive Seat Foam
  • Panel Discussion: Full Control Procedures from Supply Chains
  • Advanced Waxing Technologies for Healthy Cabin Air Quality
  • Harmful Material Management Requirements and Reduction Strategy to Avoid Odor Issues and Allergens
  • Manufacturing Solutions to Ensure Vehicles Air Quality
  • Advanced Filtration Technology for In-Vehicle Air Purification
  • New Vehicle HVAC System Avoid Secondary Pollution and Improves Air Quality Issues Inside Vehicles
  • Application of Air Detection and Purification System in Car
  • Low VOC Adhesive Tapes to Improve The Car Interior Air Quality
  • Co-Speaking: Testing Giant VS Chemical Leader
  • Environmental Protection and Development Trend of Seat Fabrics
  • Eco -friendly Materials to Help Automotive Interiors VOC Control


  • President/ Vice President /CEO /COO
  • BOD Director/ General Manager
  • Director/ Business Manager
  • Sales Director/ International Sales Manager
  • Business Development Director
  • Strategy Development Director
  • International Market Director
  • Regional Director/Manager
  • Research & Development Director
  • Technical Director/ Manager
  • Sustainable Development Director/ Manager
  • QA Director

Industry Segment

  • Vehicle assembly manufacturer
  • Auto parts
  • Auto interior materials
  • Auto machinery manufacturer
  • Automotive mechanical parts
  • Automotive HVAC
  • Air purifier equipment inside vehicles
  • Filters
  • Chemicals
  • Agent and dealer
  • Logistics
  • Consultancy
  • Certification / detection

Past Speakers

  • Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
  • China Automotive Technology &Research Center
  • Geely
  • Volkswagen
  • Ford
  • Daimler AG
  • JAC
  • Nissan
  • 3M
  • Adient

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Deputy Chief Engineer
Beijing Municipal Institute of Labor Protection


Non-metal Material Section Chief


Chief of Non-metallic Processing Department
BAIC Motor


Technical Product Manager


Director, Seat Manufacture China


Director of Sustainability


Senior Expert, Material Engineering Department


Director of International Development
Sherpa Engineering


Global Environmental Marketing Manager
Markes International


Air Quality Expert


Technical Support Director


Senior Technical Manager
3M China Limited


Polymer Interior and VIEQ team leader


Senior Technical Manager


General Technical Manager


New Material Research Institute Supervisor
Chongqing Changan Automobile CO. Ltd.


Head of Quality &Regulatory Compliance, CPSD
REACH24H Consulting Group

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Since its establishment, ECV holds several high-level meetings each year, with an average size of about 100 people. We have extensive experience in organizing conferences, and also have a good connection with both domestic and foreign enterprises.

We cooperate with the relevant government departments, industry associations and other institutions. We successfully organized a number of high-end international conferences with industry influence. For instance, we successfully held China E-Commerce and Retail Innovation Summit, China Green Textile Summit, China Plastics Sustainability Summit, China Sustainability and CSR Summit; China and Asia Textile Forum which co-organized by China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Textile (CCCT). We also hold China Sustainable Steel Summit, China Lightweight Vehicle Summit, China Smart Home Summit etc., which activities have been supported by the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Commerce, also invite a number of senior executives of domestic and foreign enterprises and associations to participate in.

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