Info NVH is a comprehensive standard for quality evaluation of automobile manufacturing and it provides the automobile users with the most direct and apparent feeling. Major automobile manufacturers and parts manufacturing enterprises in the international automobile industry attach great importance to NVH, and statistical data shows that about 1/3 failure problems of automobile are related to NVH. Consumers in mature countries are very sensitive to NVH issues. International major car companies nearly 10% -20% of R & D costs, will be used to solve the vehicle NVH problem. NVH has become a key measure of enterprise manufacturing and R & D level.

This Summit will mainly contains new NVH active control technology,standards and policy,powertrain system noise control technology, new energy vehicle NVH technology,NVH analogue simulation technology, CAE development process,acoustic package, etc., Combined with vehicle development case, will discuss the key technologies of NVH and the future development trend. Meanwhile, the Summit provides exchange and cooperation platform for firms in automobile industry in order to find out better NVH control plan and jointly promote the energy-saving, environmental and sustainable development of automobile industry.

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  • Status and Trend of Advanced Vehicle NVH Control Technology
  • Latest Vehicle NVH Active Control Technologies
  • The “Music Road “of Changan Powertrain NVH
  • New Trend of Powertrain Technology and Its Influence on NVH Issues
  • NVH Resolving for Electric Vehicles
  • NVH Performance Development of Powertrain Mount System
  • Engine Dynamic Downsizing via Dynamic Skip Fire(DSF) and NVH Control of Vehicles Equipped with a DSF Engine
  • New Mobility, a Challenge for the Acoustic of the Future
  • Body Design and Wind Noise Optimization
  • Vehicle Road Noise Analysis and Original Design Process
  • Active Noise Reduction in Cars - Challenges and Opportunities
  • NVH Simulation Analysis Platform Assist to Optimize Vehicle NVH
  • Application of Active Control Technology in Vehicles
  • Design the Sound Before You Build Your EV
  • Panel Discussion: Vehicle NVH Challenges and Realize Active Control on Vibration and Noise through Cooperation among the Industries
  • Innovation Acoustic Product Development meeting Future Comfort and Legislation Targets
  • New Chassis System NVH Technology
  • Optimizing Suspension System to Block Vibration Transmission


  • Presidents/ Vice Presidents/ CEOs/ COOs
  • Board Director/General Manager
  • Director/Business Manager
  • Sales Director/International Sales Manager
  • Business Development Director/Manager
  • Strategic Development Director/Manager
  • International Market Director/Manager
  • Regional Director/Manager
  • R&D Director/Manager
  • Technical Director/Manager
  • Sustainable Development Director/Manager
  • Quality Director/Manager

Industry Division

  • Government Department Related Automobile Industry Alliance
  • University & Scientific Research Institution
  • Automotive Consulting Company
  • Passenger Vehicle
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Engine
  • Chassis
  • CAE software
  • Simulation Test Material
  • Acoustic Package
  • Third-party Vehicle Detection Mechanism

Guest Speakers

  • China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC)
  • Changan Automobile
  • Geely
  • BAIC
  • Faurecia
  • SGMW
  • Chery Automobile
  • Head Acoustics
  • Autoneum Management AG
  • Altair
  • Beijing Hinsong Yicheng Machinery & Electric Engineering Co., Ltd
  • Delphi/Tula Technology
  • Silentium

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