Info Due to the deceleration of global luxury goods market, mainstream luxury brands are forced to confront with new structural challenges. As the digitization reform has become the priority, the change of consumers’ shopping behavior will boost the significant adjustment of luxury industry, including the emergence of luxurious experiential consumption and casual fashion.

China’s luxury market has entered the “New Normal”: the purchasing power of Chinese consumer is gradually in recovery, and the domestic shopping is revitalizing; on design, “Leisure Style” has skimmed over the land of luxury; marketing channels including e-commerce, outlets and airport duty-free shops have seen the fastest growth; with the approach of digital era, consumers have attached greater emphasis on shopping experience, leading the digital experience and omni-channel marketing that should be promoted in luxury brands.

The summit will focus on the “New Normal” of luxury industry development. In-depth exploration will be implemented on various hot issues including consumer experience, omni-channel marketing, store digitalization, digital marketing channel, innovative design and digital supply chain, assisting in the practitioners for timely familiarization of industry direction and innovative thinking stimulation, so as to calmly respond to the opportunities and challenges faced in the “New Normal”.

Event Location

Welcome to China Luxury Retail Innovation Summit 2018

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  • Analysis on the “New Normal” of China’s Luxury -goods Market
  • Chinese Digital Consumers and Their Preferences for Luxury Watches
  • Digital Marketing Innovation and Practice Based on User Data Insights
  • Brand Marketing in Digital World
  • Supply Chain Reconstruction, Full Chain Digitalization
  • ...
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  • President/General Manager
  • E-Commerce Director/Sales
  • Director/Marketing Director
  • Brand Principal/Product Principal
  • Design Director
  • Director/Manager for Unified Service
  • Director of International Sales/Business Development
  • Director of Strategic Development Department
  • Director of Digital Marketing/Manager of Digital Marketing
  • Director of Social Media/Manager of Social Media
  • ...

Industry Segment

  • Consulting Company
  • E-Commerce
  • Duty-Free Store
  • Fashion and Leatherware
  • Yacht
  • Luxury Car, Supercar
  • Jewelry and Watch
  • Pen
  • Perfume and Cosmetic
  • Wine
  • Furniture and Home Textile
  • Kitchenware, Tableware and Porcelain
  • Luxury Hotel
  • Digital Electronics
  • Golf Products
  • Top-Level Smoking Paraphernalia
  • Cigar Brand
  • Top-Level Glasses

Potential Speakers

  • Boston Consulting Group
  • MHD
  • L’oreal Luxe
  • Mercedes-Benz Smart
  • Li & Fung
  • ...

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