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In the post-epidemic era, B2B companies have begun taking steps to make innovation in marketing approaches. The digital era is also the new marketing era, the relationship between marketing and sales is being redefined and the internal organizational structure of companies is being digitally upgraded; digital marketing has given rise to a plethora of new market opportunities and new challenges for marketers. More>>


  • B2B Omnichannel Digital Marketing Transformation
  • Building Digital Management of the L2C Customer Journey
  • How B2B Brands do Live Streaming for Traffic Referral, Marketing, and Customer Acquisition
  • How to do Private Domain Traffic Operations for B2B
  • Debate: Which is more Important to today's Digital Marketers, Branding or Results?
  • Martech Empowers B2B ABM
  • C2M Helps TO B Brands Innovate in Marketing
  • Panel Discussion: From Traffic Growth to Full Eco-growth, how B2B Marketing Realize Digital Transformation
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Consecutive 2nd year

25+ Speakers

150+ Tickets

100+ Enterprises

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Chief Digital Officer


Head of Digital Marketing


VP of Communication




Communication Director Asia Pacific

GE Healthcare

Field Director


Senior Digital Marketing Manager


Regional Lead for Brand Owner and Agency Innovation, Asia Pacific and Japan


Marketing Director Asia Pacific & Japan

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Discover new customers and enhance your brand awareness with 300+ global attendees. Join us and provide our attendees with a unique experience they'll never forget. Multiple exhibitions including company logo will be showed on event materials (agenda, brochure, invitation letter, roll up banner), and also the event official website, APP, marketing video, background screen etc..

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25+Industry Leading Company’s Intelligence Sharing; 100+ Professional Delegates from Top 2000 Companies; On-line and Off-line Promotion;The summit will focus on B2B marketing digital transformation, B2B enterprise customer management, B2B social media marketing, B2B private domain operations, Martech, C2M, B2B e-commerce and other hot topics, discussing about how to transform from traffic growth to full ecological growth, realize B2B marketing digital transformation and promote enterprise digital growth.
Established in 2010, ECV International is a consulting company organizing and hosting high-end international conferences; we cooperate with the relevant government departments and industry associations and other institutions, successfully organized a number of high-end marketing innovation industry conferences with great influence. For instance, China B2B Digital Marketing Innovation Summit、China Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Innovation Summit、China Digital Healthcare Marketing Innovation Summit、China Beauty Digital Innovation Summit、China Maternal and Infant Digital Innovation Summit. Most of the Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000 companies have participate various activity, which organized by ECV International, in different ways. And be very high rating . We want to create more value for our customers through our efforts to help them seize opportunities, meet challenges, and achieve sustainable development in both China and Asia.
Vice Presidents, Directors, and Senior Managers of: Marketing;Digital Marketing;E-Commerce;Sales;Social Media;CRM;IT;Digital Transformation ;Brand;Product
The languages are English and Chinese. The event’s Simultaneous translation includes two channels: English and Chinese.
You are available to get the Slides which approved by the speakers, otherwise, it is not available.
Please fill in the application form on the website. Once we verified the information, we will contact you in one business day.
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ECV International is a leading organizer and contractor of high-end international business events in Asia, with nearly 200 professionals in industrial research and event planning & execution. Every year, we hold around 40 high-level international summits involved in the fields of vehicle, retail, textile, footwear, IoT, New Science & Technology industry, etc.
We have served more than half of the Fortune 2,000 companies, and every year more than 6,000 delegates from multinational enterprises, specialized organizations and creative companies take part in our events, i.e. Daimler, GE, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Alibaba, ABB, etc.
Our mission is to provide professional services to connect and inform the stakeholders who would be able to shape the industry landscape in the future and to create more value for our clientele through our efforts to help them seize opportunities, meet challenges and achieve sustainable development on a global basis.