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Biodiversity loss is another major systemic environmental risk facing the world after climate change. According to statistics, if we continue to develop in accordance with the current model the global endangerment status of species will continue to intensify. And the disappearances of oceans, forests and wetlands and other ecosystems will also be irreversible. The 15th Conference of the United Nations Conservation on Biological Diversity to be held in Kunming, China in October 2021 will formulate the “Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework” to gather global forces to discuss a new global governance strategy forces to discuss a new global governance strategy for biodiversity conservation. The goal of the framework is to promote the shift of global business and economy to natural and growth, and to achieve a fundamental reversal of the decline in biodiversity by 2030, and to achieve harmony between people and nature by 2050. The implementation of this framework is related to the realization of the global sustainable development goals and the synergy with The Paris Agreement on climate change. It is the next frontier topic for the sustainable development of enterprises.

This summit will focus on the theme of “How companies carry out biodiversity conservation”, by inviting government agencies, industry experts, business executives in the fields of food and beverage, packaging, fashion, consumer goods, energy, automobiles, etc. From the protection policy, standards, the latest development situation, corporate practices, raw materials, supply Chain construction and technical solutions and other hot content to share practical cases, to provide valuable information for companies in the realization of sustainable development. Allow the industry to have a clear understanding of the latest trends to respond to adjustments.


  • Interpretation of China’s biological protection laws and standard system
  • Global trends and business risks of biodiversity conservation
  • How can NGOs effectively promote the mainstreaming of biodiversity protection?
  • Energy Internet: Promote synergy between biodiversity and climate change
  • Sustainability and innovation-how to transform the food system
  • The case study: Best practices and Explorations of Biodiversity Conservation by Chinese Enterprises
  • Scientific footprint management solutions to achieve comprehensive biodiversity management
  • How to use technology to advocate green and low carbon in the digital energy era, and empower enterprises to develop sustainability
  • Panel discussion: How companies should participate in and effectively carry out biodiversity conservation
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15+ speakers

150+ Delegates

100+ Enterprises

Past speakers


Yangtze Institute of Green Finance

Executive Director


Ernst & Young

Partner-Climate Change and Sustainability Services



Vice President Resins & Additives Asia


Bureau Veritas

Sustainability Project Lead


Lixil International

Asia-Pacific EHS & Sustainability Director


Asia Pulp & Paper

Sustainability Director






Vice President, Procurement & Sustainability APAC





Altavia Group

Managing Partner

Media partner


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The China Smart Energy Summit 2022 will mainly focus on “How companies can carry out biodiversity conservation”, to share practical cases from the perspective of biodiversity protection policy, standards, the latest development situation, corporate practices, raw materials, supply chain construction and technical solutions as well as other hot topics, providing valuable information for companies to realize sustainable development, so as to help industry professionals to respond to challenges and opportunities more efficiently having a clearer understanding of the latest trends and market intelligence.
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