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From the rules and regulations of the China’s Cybersecurity Law and Cybersecurity Graded Protection System 2.0, the importance of cybersecurity has been risen from the national strategic level to an unprecedented height. The official release of the European GDPR also clarifies the role of enterprises and network operators in protecting the privacy of users' personal data. How to ensure cloud data security, device-side information security, how to establish an effective prevention system to keep hackers out is still the top priority we need to pay attention to now. More>>


Asia Cybersecurity Innovation Summit 2019 will focus on Cloud security , IoT Security, Industry Application of Cybersecurity and Enterprise Cybersecurity. The summit will discuss,
  • Interpretation of China's Cybersecurity Law
  • GDPR Compliance's Requirements for the Data Security Protection
  • Cybersecurity and Multinational Company
  • Machine Learning Reshapes Cybersecurity from a New Perspective
  • Big Data Security Analytic Boosts Cybersecurity and Combats Cyber Threats
  • Optimized Strategies to Enhance Cloud Data Security
  • Strategies and Practice of Software Defined Perimeters (SDP)
  • How to Ensure Hybrid Cloud Cybersecurity and Meet Security Compliance
  • Securing IoT: An Key Issue of Supply Chain Risk Management... More

4 Sub-Forum

50+ Speakers

300 Tickets

250+ Enterprises

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Summit sub-forum

Cybersecurity Innovation

PWC, Huawei, IBM, Tencent...


Cloud Security

CAICT, China Telecom, Amazon, Microsoft, 360...


IoT Security

Gartner, XiaoMi, GE, Intel, Volvo...


Industry Application of Cybersecurity and Enterprise Cybersecurity

Haier, Cisco, WeWork, SF Technology...


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The fee is inclusive of 2 days conferences, simultaneous interpretation, paper/audio materials, 2 luncheons/4 tea-breaks and all refreshements provided by five-star hotel.


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