Company Profile

Shanghai ECV International Co., Ltd. (ECV International) is a professional platform in organizing and planning international conference, with more than 200 staff from all over the world. We have continuously deep researched various industries, such as AI, Networking, New retail, Sharing mobility, Textile, Footwear, Luxury goods, Manufacturing and other industries.

There are more than 80% C-level and VP-level delegates in our events, at least 90% attendees from the world's top 500 enterprises, including not only Tesla, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM and other well-known foreign companies, also Tencent, HUAWEI, Alibaba, Baidu, and other mainland leading enterprises.

ECV's event include industry trend analysis, latest dynamic sharing, government policy interpretation, Q & A communication, well-known factories visiting, etc., and provide services such as demand matchmaking and expert consultation to delegates.

ECV has been holding series of influential international high-end summit through cooperation with the government and the world's top 500 enterprises, helping enterprises and society achieve sustainable development, and constantly striving for excellence, creating more business value for enterprises and society.

ECV sincerely invites you to participate!

Corporate Culture

We create value for our customers and society

Making things to perfection

To achieve the best efficiency, the constant pursuit of excellence

Social Responsibility

We provide the industry with a wide range of advisory including the environment, health, safety and Sustainability

Encourage the industry to continue efforts and innovation, building a more green and harmonious world

In our pursuit of efficiency, we promise to do the following,

  • Create Value
    The world's top 500 executives participating, such as Amazon, WAL-MART, GE, Tesla, Mobike etc. guest speaker share the industry's cutting-edge information, grasp the latest trends,during the 2 days closed summit, rapidly making expansion of networking.
  • Corporate Culture

    From outside to inside, we always carry out our mission, vision, value for customers, employees and society.
  • Win-win Cooperation With Partners

    We work together with the partners committed to promoting the development of the industry to win-win cooperation.
  • Environment and Sustainability

    We advocate and promote the sustainable development, making the sky more bluer, the mountains more greener, the water more clearer, and the environment more better.
Our Team