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As global environmental issues continue to come to the fore, there is an urgent need for the food and beverage industry, a key sector for global health and resource sustainability, to reduce carbon emissions and optimize the use of resources in order to achieve true sustainability. According to Our World in Data and Oxfam, food and beverage production systems, including agriculture, land use change, processing, transportation, packaging, retailing and waste disposal, contribute about 25 to 34 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Against this backdrop, a number of countries and regions have begun to introduce policies and regulations to encourage companies to adopt carbon neutral measures. Many food and beverage industry giants have also committed to adopt a series of measures and reforms to achieve carbon neutrality in the next few years, such as working on sustainability in energy, water management, packaging, sourcing, and waste treatment.
The summit will bring together experts, academics, entrepreneurs and policy makers from within and outside the industry to discuss how to integrate sustainability and carbon neutrality into all aspects of the food and beverage industry. The conference will provide an in-depth analysis of the current state of the industry, discuss the challenges faced and future trends, while focusing on sustainability practices and carbon neutral innovations. It is hoped that through this conference platform, we can contribute to the sustainable development of the food and beverage industry and create a better tomorrow together.


  • Food and Beverage Sector's Outlook for Sustainability under the Dual Carbon Targets
  • Synergizing the Industry Chain, Embracing the Circular Economy
  • Carbon Footprint Testing and Certification for Carbon Neutral Goals
  • Innovative Eco-friendly Packaging for Sustainable Development
  • Harvesting Sustainability: Nourishing the Future of Food and
  • Towards Zero Waste: Sustainable Waste Management and Carbon Neutrality in Food and Beverage Processing
  • The Important role of the “Lighthouse Factory” for Low Carbon Digital Transformation in the Food and Beverage Industry
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