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Net zero in the textile industry has garnered widespread attention in today's society, and low-carbon transformation and technological development have become key focal points. According to Cong Thuong (Industry& Trade) newspaper, Textile and garment businesses in Vietnam are taking steps to switch to green production to meet partners’ demand and achieve sustainable development. Greening textile and garment production chains is currently a global trend that are compulsory for businesses to achieve sustainability. It is also a requirement placed on manufacturers as the EU, which imports over 4 billion USD worth of textiles and garments from Vietnam annually, has proposed the imposition of some eco-regulations on imports. The adoption of the EU Sustainable and Circular Textiles Strategy significantly impacts textile production in Vietnam.
Promoting low-carbon transformation is inevitable and requires active measures at every stage of the entire industry chain, not only for retail companies to achieve net zero in their end products. By introducing new technological advancements and promoting clean production, improving energy efficiency, the textile industry can reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, gradually working towards sustainable goals. At the same time, strengthening supply chain collaboration and transparency, and promoting carbon footprint disclosure are also crucial for driving the sustainable development of the entire industry chain.
Based on the background of green transformation, this summit will focus on how Vietnam's textile industry promotes sustainable development. We will invite relevant policy regulatory authorities, brands, retailers, textile manufacturers, material suppliers, non-governmental organizations, consulting companies, and sustainable solution companies to share and exchange practical methods.


  • Outlook 2050: Current Challenges and Opportunities for Vietnam Textile and Apparel Industry and its Next Plan
  • Trade & Tax: The Trend of Vietnam Textile and Apparel Industry Under the Impact of FTA and RCEP
  • Impact of the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles on Vietnam
  • Guidelines for Greening the Textile Sector in Vietnam
  • How to Reduce Carbon Emissions Across the Entire Value Chain of the Textile Industry
  • Fiber Innovation Technologies and other Innovative Materials in the Textile and Apparel Industry
  • Circular Fashion- How to Turning Ambitions into Actionable Business Practices
  • Panel Discussion: Under the New Global Environment, How Industry Players Work Together to Build a More Resilience and Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Green Manufacturing Practices and Exploration of Vietnam Textile Industry
  • Trends and Challenges in Apparel Green Procurement and Sustainability in Asia
  • Improving Supply Chain Resilience to Meet the Ever-Changing Demands of the Consumer
  • Digital Logistics: How Supply Chain Leaders and Businesses Tapping into that Data and Using it to Make Our Supply Chains More Efficient
  • Practicing Digital Transformation in the Textile & Garment Industry
  • Industry 4.0- Smart Manufacturing Enhance the Global Competitiveness
  • Latest Technologies and Solutions for Textile Waste Management in Vietnam
  • Explore Innovations in Closed-loop Recycling Systems
  • Greening the Textiles and Garment Sector in Vietnam: Labor Skills Needs
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Consecutive 9th session

15+ Speakers

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100+ Enterprises

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The 9th Vietnam Textile Summit is the theme of the conference under the influence of digital transformation and sustainability. Based on the questionnaire collected from 15+ industry experts, hot topics around sustainability, digital transformation initiatives in design, supply chain and manufacturing. Combined with the practice of enterprises, the participants were helped to understand the current textile market trend in Vietnam and the international market in an all-round way, and to explore the development path of innovation.
In the past 11 years, we have served more than 430 multinational corporations (more than 65% multinational consumer and industrial brands in China&Asia) around 8 industrial areas. We have more than 8 years of experience in organizing conferences on digital supply chain, sustainable development, new energy, digital marketing, and textile& footwear.
President, Vice President, CMO, CDO, CIO, Digital Transformation Specialist, Souring Specialist, Supply Chain Specialist, Director of Manufacturing, Head of Global Sustainability, Head of Innovation, Consultant, Director of Business Development.
The languages are English and Vietnamese. The event’s Simultaneous translation includes two channels: English and Vietnamese.
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