Info Manufacturing has been a competitive industry in China for a long time. But in recent years, it has faced a pincer attack. On the one hand, depending on their cheaper labor, Southeast Asian countries are attracting foreign-funded enterprises in China to transfer their production capacity; on the other hand, European and American countries are revitalizing their manufacturing and withdrawing their high-end manufacturing in China. After all these years of development, China’s manufacturing is still on the lower end of the industry chain. Transformation and upgrading are inevitable to China’s current manufacturing. In view of this, Chinese manufacturers should grasp opportunities to rise up. The “Guidelines on the Development of China’s Manufacturing (2015-2025)” is called the “Chinese Version of Industry 4.0”. By learning from Germany’s Industry 4.0, its aim is to update the technology in China's traditional industries, promote the in-depth fusion of industrialization and informatization, speed up China’s transformation from a big manufacturing power into a strong manufacturing power. Expanding intelligent manufacturing to flexible, intelligent and highly-integrated manufacturing by updating the concept of manufacturing automation is a key step in creating automobile manufacturers’ future core competitive edges.

This Summit will focus on innovative technologies and development trends of vehicle manufacturing and processing technologies and provide stakeholder a platform for exchange and cooperation, with a view to finding better solutions for vehicle manufacturing, and jointly promoting high-efficiency, environmental protection and sustainable development of vehicle industry.

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  • An Interpretation of the State Council’s “Instructions on Deepening the Integrated Innovative Development of Manufacturing and Internet” & Its Influences on Automobile Manufacturing
  • Status Quo and Trend of China’s and Global Automobile Manufacturing in 2017
  • Build Intelligent Automobile Plants
  • The Latest Modular Platform Facilitates Flexible Automobile Manufacturing
  • Intelligent Stamping Shops
  • Hot Stamping Moulding Technology Facilitates Light Body Materials
  • Flexible Welding Lines in Automobile Plant
  • Application of Laser Welding to Auto-Material Composite Bonding
  • Intelligent Collaborative Robots Facilitate Flexible Manufacturing in Automobile Welding
  • Latest Connection Technology in Vehicle Processing
  • Panel Discussion: Status Quo and Challenges of Intelligent Automobile Manufacturing
  • New Manufacturing Process in the New Era of Electric Vehicles
  • Revolutionary Sensor technology in Automobile Manufacturing Automation
  • Intelligent Data Integration Management Realizes Green Manufacturing in the Entire Cycle of Automobile Painting
  • 3D Printing Technologies Application in Vehicle Components Producing
  • Automobile Assembly Process in the Era of Intelligent Manufacturing
  • Latest Virtual Simulation Technology Optimizes Vehicle Model Development and Manufacturing


  • Presidents/ Vice Presidents/ CEOs/COOs
  • Executive Directors/General Managers
  • Sales Directors
  • Sustainable Development Directors
  • CSR Directors
  • Business Associate Directors/Managers
  • Sales Directors/International Sales Managers
  • Business Development Directors
  • Strategy Directors
  • Regional Directors/ Managers
  • R & D Directors
  • CTOs


  • Passenger Vehicles
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Vehicle Parts
  • Vehicle Accessories
  • Logistics Devices
  • Processing Machinery
  • Technology and Service
  • Casting and Molding
  • Mold Design
  • Software
  • Sensor
  • Chip
  • Robot

Guest Speakers

  • Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
  • McKinsey
  • Siemens
  • Chang An Motor
  • Volkswagen
  • CJLR
  • Danfoss
  • Ford
  • ABB
  • Volvo Cars
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • SAIC Motor
  • Durr
  • Konecranes
  • Panasonic

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